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Yuppy Puppies Forever is a non profit organization designed to give orphaned pets a second chance. Our main focus being on displaced pets due to their deceased owners.

Over the years many of our elderly or sick clients have passed away or have been no longer to care for their beloved pets, and family could not keep their pets for one reason or another, usually because their home was already full and could not take on another.

Many of them approached us and would see if someone at Yuppy Puppy would take the pet because the loved one told them about our staff, and we usually did.

This had become so frequent, our staff became full as well and Yuppy Puppies Forever was born.

We create bonds with our clients two legs and four legs and know they are watching over us. Our main rescue mission is for owners who need to rehome due to illness or death but we also take in dogs that are usually elderly, long shelter stays, medical conditions and other reasons.

Simi (pictured) was a 4 year old Bull Mastiff whose elderly owner passed away. Jessica (founder of YP4ever Inc. and owner of Yuppy Puppy Pet Spa) adopted Simi and gave him a wonderful life when no one else wanted to take the time or effort of healing him of his grief. He lived the rest of his 6 years hanging out at the shop greeting clients, laying at home on the couch and chasing rabbits/geese in the backyard! He is our inspiration and we hope to help many more who may be unexpectedly put in Simi’s same position.


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Yuppy Puppy Forever dogs will always receive 50% off

All Yuppy Puppy Forever dogs will always receive 50% off all of Yuppy Puppy’s services for life! We want to always make sure they are taken care of in every way. Whether a day at our luxurious spa, or a visit to camp… maybe a safe place to stay while their family is out of town, our door is always open for them!

Yuppy Puppies Forever Rescues Success Stories!

Princess Tiana has left the building and is on her way to happily ever after.

She was joined by a mom and dad who are ready to spoil her rotten and a chihuahua brother who is missing his other furry friends who passed away.

They are past pros at medical needs dogs and loved Tiana with her needs
You have a special place in our heart for taking on the ones with perfect imperfections.

Princess Tiana puppy
Anna puppy with trainer
It was love at first sight with Anna and Yuppy Puppy Trainer Keara.

When Anna was being walked into the building on day one, Kearas reaction was immediately, “ I want to train her” and when she asked to take her home for the weekend, we had a feeling it was going to end with an adoption and we were right!

Happily ever after Anna.

We have some exciting news!

Staff often forms a bond with the rescue they pull and help rehabilitate. And that’s exactly what happened with Jess and now Pete.

When he came to us he had severe wounds, and some serious issues with dog reactivity. But through the process, he continued to heal and has a dedicated family to make it work.

Happily ever after Pete.

This is truly a who rescued who ending.

pete puppy photo 1
pete puppy photo 2
louise puppy
Louise is on her way to happily ever!

She is joined by her furry brother Crimson who it was love at first sight with Louise!

Happily ever after Louise.

Luke has found his spot and already has made himself at home.

Happily ever after Luke!

luke puppy photo
Dash puppy photo
Woohoo!!! First adoption of the year goes to Dash!

This wonderful couple had met him before the New Year and today is go home day!

Happily ever after Dash.

Ps. His new dad doesn’t like cats either, so it’s a win win.

Update on Woody.

His family reports he is so loved and brings so much joy to their home.

Happily ever after Woody!

woody puppy photo

If you are interested in any of our adoptable dogs, please fill out our application and email it to yuppypuppypetspa@gmail.com with “Adoption Application for ____” in the subject line.

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