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Thank you to those who all attended and donated to Yuppy Puppies Forever first ever Gala!

We are so happy to announce, that with your support, we exceeded our goal by 100%!!

100% of the funds raised go to veterinary care of YP4Ever rescue pups, so we can continue our mission! Thank you for all you do!!! We look forward to next year!!

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Yuppy Puppies Forever

Yuppy Puppies Forever is a non profit organization designed to give orphaned pets a second chance. Our main focus being on displaced pets due to their deceased owners.

Over the years many of our elderly or sick clients have passed away or have been no longer to care for their beloved pets, and family could not keep their pets for one reason or another, usually because their home was already full and could not take on another.

Many of them approached us and would see if someone at Yuppy Puppy would take the pet because the loved one told them about our staff, and we usually did.

This had become so frequent, our staff became full as well and Yuppy Puppies Forever was born.

We create bonds with our clients two legs and four legs and know they are watching over us. Our main rescue mission is for owners who need to rehome due to illness or death but we also take in dogs that are usually elderly, long shelter stays, medical conditions and other reasons.

Simi (pictured) was a 4 year old Bull Mastiff whose elderly owner passed away. Jessica (founder of YP4ever Inc. and owner of Yuppy Puppy Pet Spa) adopted Simi and gave him a wonderful life when no one else wanted to take the time or effort of healing him of his grief. He lived the rest of his 6 years hanging out at the shop greeting clients, laying at home on the couch and chasing rabbits/geese in the backyard! He is our inspiration and we hope to help many more who may be unexpectedly put in Simi’s same position.



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Yuppy Puppy Forever dogs will always receive 50% off

All Yuppy Puppy Forever dogs will always receive 50% off all of Yuppy Puppy’s services for life! We want to always make sure they are taken care of in every way. Whether a day at our luxurious spa, or a visit to camp… maybe a safe place to stay while their family is out of town, our door is always open for them!

Long Timers Available for Adoption



He is another rescue that doesn’t show well when he meets new people because his is so excited he comes across as too much energy. This boy is quite lazy and in a home enjoys lounging around and soaking up all the attention he can get.

He can be dog selective but has done well with male dogs his size.

Staff adores this chunky boy



Elliot is always the talk of the town when we take him on outings. He never gets any applications. He is a four year old bulldog that while not leash reactive to other dogs does not like to share his space with other dogs.

He does well with older children 12 and over but doesn’t like all the commotion of little kids. He’s a very distinguished gentleman that prefers adult low energy company.

Amanda and Francesco

Amanda and Francesco have waited almost a year for their forever home. They are inseparable and must go together. We know bonded pairs are a hard choice, but these two are one.

They do everything together, they are easy to walk as one, they are potty trained, and great car riders and have great manners.

Operation find Amanda and Francesco a home!


Tisha is always so pleasant and happy but we wish a home for this girl to call hers she’s potty trained and great on a leash and great with kids of all ages.
She’s accepting applications and looking for love.


Kirby still waits…
Kirby is a dog that gets so excited to see new people during meet and greets that often times we hear “ he has too much energy” “ does he ever calm down” “ he may be too much”

Fact is some dogs do not show true personalities the first or even second or third time you meet them. During our intake process dog’s personality changes so much that’s why we do not accept applications right away with a new friend because we need to know them fully.

Kirby is actually quite the couch potato but it’s hard to say that when he is bouncing on new people he wants to say hello to. We place our dogs appropriately and are very transparent about needs because at the end of the day it must be a right fit! He is accepting applications and looking for love



Meet our new friend Irene
She’s a very special girl and we knew the moment we laid eyes on her we had to transfer her.

She has limited sight due to a genetic disorder! She is rocking it with our trainers and freshening up her skills. She is dog and kiddo approved. She prefers another dog friend to show her the way! She is 9 months old.



Bonita has been searching for her happily ever after for 190 days.
She’s so easy and great to walk on a leash, knows sit, doesn’t go anywhere fast and loves every human she meets and is fantastic with kiddos.

She’s a bossy female when it comes to dogs but has gotten along with some male dogs that are very laid back.

She’s accepting applications and looking for love

Iiana & Abbi

1yo Lab and 6yo Great Pyrenees, both female

Meet illana and Abbi. Illana is a 1-year old small Lab x at 45 lbs and her friend is Abbi a 70lb, 6-year-old Great Pyrenees. They were found as strays together. We originally thought they were extremely bonded, however now that they’ve been with us some time, they are able to be separated. Illana is a ball of energy, she would be fine with other dogs, and children, she does have puppy tendencies. Abbi prefers a laid-back environment, so an easy going home with elder children or pets would be fine! They are both potty trained. Come meet them!


Young German Shepherd

Meet Meredith, she’s a very young German Shepherd, with extremely high prey drive. She will need to be an only dog in the home with no children. Perfect for a single human with experience in shepherds or working dogs, who is willing to continue training with her. She is friendly, playful and confident.



48lbs, male

Luke Meet Luke!! He’s been with us on and off for over two years. He is only a couple years old and quite the perfect size at 48 lbs. He does wonderful with children as he lived with a toddler for almost 6 months. He is dog selective and a great houseguest. He needs a yard for ball playing and prefers a privacy fence to deter him from protecting his yard space. He’s crate trained, potty trained and a great guy! Luke has also been through our training program and knows basic commands, in which our trainers will teach you how to utilize his training at home during his transition. He’s begging for a home….even though he is a perfect guest with us



Meet Chesney! She has been searching for her forever home for over a year. We transferred her to us in hopes we can turn her luck around! She has gone through our training and has excellent manners. Kid approved, but she does need to be a single dog home only. No leash reactivity and has wonderful polite manners. Come meet Chesney!



Older male

Meet Maximus! How can you not love that face. He’s an older fellow and has been with us a while. He does excellent on his weekend hero getaways. He loves car rides, couches and cuddles!! He does need to be a single dog home! Come meet Maximus!



Julie is a lab mix, almost 7 months old and has been with us since she was a baby. She doesn’t understand why all her litter mates found homes and she hasn’t. If you want a puppy to grow with your family, this is her! She is fine with others and loves friends. She is a puppy and has only ever lived with us, so she will need patience and boundaries to set her up for success in a home like any puppy.


Fredrickson is an older dude at approximately 8-10 years old. He does need to be an only pet, however is sure to please his humans. He has been with us almost a year after being looked over because of his gray face. He doesn’t understand why he never gets any applications. He would be perfect in an easy going laid back home, with a couch spot for him.


Kenny is a young lad at about 40lbs, he is a lab mix who we don’t see getting much bigger. He is what we like to call a “Unicorn Dog” as he is perfect!! Dogs, cats, kids, pretty much everything is what this sweet boy enjoys and he is going to be someone’s perfect dog! They just don’t know it yet! He’s accepting applications and looking for love!


Biggie is what we like to call a Unicorn as well. He is a husky mix approximately 3-4 years old. He loves all dogs and humans he meets. We tell him he is handsome and a home will find him very soon. He loves being outside, cuddling and treats.


Akina is a 70lb Akita!! She is a super sweet girl and loves to play outdoors. She is great with all humans, and a perfect car rider. She is a perfect guest with us. She is not little dog approved and is a very rough player and while other dogs her size are ok, monitoring play time is essential for her. A family familiar with her breed would be ideal!
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