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Pet Grooming

Let one of our stylists create the perfect look for your pet! We offer full haircuts, bath and neaten, and maintenance brushing from our list of pet grooming services.

Bath & Grooms are priced according to breed, size, coat, condition, and temperament.

Our groomers are professionally trained and certified in pet first aid, we practice fear free tactics while grooming to ensure the best experience for your fur baby. Yuppy Puppy Groomers are consistently gaining new grooming certification to keep up with all the K9 and Feline Trends of the season! With every groom we offer warm towels, sanitized equipment, and human-grade products. Our Spaw guests love the extra pampering and so do their parents!

Ask about becoming a VIP member to get discounted services!

All full grooms include

  • A Warm Massage Jet Wash
  • Shed-less Treatment (FURminator)
  • Fluff Dry
  • Nails Trimmed
  • Paw Pads Shaved
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Mink Oil Coat Shine
  • Fragrance
  • Bow or Bandanna
  • Haircut of Choice

Call for a breed-specific quote

Service with grooming

Nail File | $9.00
For the shortest nail trim and gets rid of sharp edges

Nail Painting | $12
Choice of color and short hair dogs only

Anal Glands Expression | $10

Teeth Brushing | $10

Hair Tinting | $30 and up (priced based on size)

Walk-In Services

Face Trim | $10

Nail Painting | $15

Specific Area Trimming: $10 (per area, ie: face trim, feet trim, paw pads, sanitary)

Ear Cleaning | $10


Self Wash Station

*exclusively at Yuppy Puppy Cottleville

Self Wash Station at Cottleville location

SELF WASH STATION: available until 5 p.m. Monday-Friday and 4 p.m. on Saturdays. No outside tools or equipment please

* If you think your pet could possibly have fleas, please notify your stylist at check in. All pets that have fleas and/or ticks will automatically be treated and the owner will be notified. To stop the cycle of fleas, before you pick up your pet after being treated: flea bomb house, vacuum, and wash all pets bedding. Flea treatments are an additional $20 to the bath price.

Spaw Packages


Classic Spaw Package – $19

Teeth brushing, lavender & chamomile facial, nail trim, and nail filing.

Ultimate Spaw Package – $29

The classic spa plus special shampoo and conditioner of your choice, lavender & chamomile facial, and a bakery treat to take home!

À la Carte

Lavender & Chamomile Facial | $5.00
Naturally exfoliates and hydrates leaving your pets face with a brighter, fresh smelling complexion.

Facial Mud Mask | $5.00
Detoxifies essential oils, soothes itchy and inflames skin, increases absorption of moisture and minerals

Teeth Brushing | $9
A two-step process for brushing teeth using a mint flavored toothpaste. The peroxide gently removes tarter build up, then an application of a mint flavored salivary action that spreads through the mouth to break up plaque for a healthier teeth and gums.

Shampoo and Conditioning Treatments | $12

Antimicrobial conditioner that promotes healing of minor wounds, and aids in relief of various types of skin irritation and other dermal inflammations.

Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner
Tea tree helps protects the natural balance of hair and skin. Tea tree cleanses, removes oil, dirt, dandruff and retains moisture and has a minty scent.

Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner
Keratin restores natural proteins and oil back into the skin and coat. Keratin thickens and smooths even the most unruly of coats. Great for heavily brushed coat types.

Vegan Hypoallergenic Yuppy Puppy Shampoo | $5

Flea Funeral | $25
Two-step process to take care of odor & parasites and then re-moisturize. *All treatments are in addition to pet’s bath or groom price.

Aromatherapy Paw Pad Treatment | $9

By combining an essential oil scrub mixed with shea butter, this balm is applied in the tub during the bathing process to melt off rough paw pads, followed up with grapeseed oil to ensure moisture.

Theraclean Microbubble Treatment

Microbubbles clean deeper into the pores than any shampoo or cleanser. Not only cleaning, microbubble bathing adds more oxygen to the skin, relieves muscle tension, promotes better blood circulation, helps relieve joint and muscle pain, relaxes pets, helps relieve inflamed, itchy, or allergy prone skin, reduces or eliminates odors, and will increase the effect of medication or medicated shampoos when treating skin conditions.

Theraclean bath prices are in addition to pets full groom, deshed or bath.

  • $25 dogs 25lbs and under
  • $35 dogs over 25lbs

Any additional treatments after the initial Theraclean treatment are discounted $10.

Add any Enzyme Enhancer to your pets’ treatment, formulated for specific coat conditions. The last 10-15 minutes of your pets’ treatment will include the enhancer of your choosing:

ENHANCERS $10 in addition to the basic Oxygen Microbubble bath.

Luxury Spa Enhancer: Long lasting Lavender scented formula for all skin types to enhance your pets’ bubble bath treatment. Infused with lavender, honey, Himalayan sea salt, shea butter, almond oil, vanilla and coconut oil.

Infected Skin Enhancer: For skin exhibiting bacteria, yeast or other abrasions. Formulated with ginger, vanilla, coconut oil, green tea, and chamomile.

Allergy & Itching Enhancer: Formulated with coconut oil, green tea, chamomile, Himalayan Sea Salt, and ginger.

Dry Skin Enhancer: Specially formulated to battle dry skin, with Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Vanilla, , Himalayan Sea Salt, Green Tea, Chamomile, Coconut Oil, Ginger

Oil Skin Enhancer: Specifically formulated to bathe oily skin, with Himalayan Sea Salt, Greet Tea, Chamomile, Ginger, and Vanilla

Odor Eliminator/De-skunking Treatment: This is our de-skunking treatment and also perfect for those smelly doggies to help eliminate odor. Infused with activated charcoal, black lava salt, and coconut oil.

(Inquire about our package deals)

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pet grooming & spa services
pet grooming & spa services