Our Training Methods

School is in session! The Yuppy Puppy Ivey League welcomes new pupils of all different ages, sizes and breeds! Let our professional trainers take the lead in teaching your pup manners and tricks. Our trainers received the Best Trainers in St. Charles award in 2017. YP Trainers have advanced knowledge on how to teach your pup manners like not barking when the doorbell rings, stopping them from jumping up on guests, how to walk on a leash and many more! All lesson plans are customized and goal oriented. YP Trainer’s set your dog up to succeed! We understand that every dog is different and YP Trainers make the effort setting very specific goals helps both dogs and doggie parents achieve their desired results.

There are three very important principles that we follow here at Yuppy Puppy to train your furry family member. The key to any type of training is making boundaries very clear for your dog.
Timing – links behavior with a reward or correction
Motivation – gives your dog a reason to continue or cease behavior
Consistency – creates a good attitude and clear communication

Does your pet have any grooming behavior issues? YP Trainers help your pet to become more comfortable during grooming appointments. Our goal is to not have your pet take any sedatives while grooming, training your pet to know how to act while grooming will help them and their groomer feel more relaxed.

  • What YP Trainers want you to know before your first consultation:
    • Set very specific goals for your dog (i.e. sit and stay, walking off leash).
    • Get ready to work too! Just like helping your kids with homework your fur baby will need help with theirs. Training only works if you are willing to work when school is out.
    • Let your trainer know if your pet has any food allergies. Since we do use treats to reward it’s important to communicate to your trainer if s/he has any food allergies or sensitivities.

Puppy 101

This is a day stay option for your puppy, drop off in the morning and pick up in the evening. Your pet will spend the day getting acclimated to sights, smells and surroundings. Surroundings include: the veterinarian office, the grooming salon and the boarding areas.

Private Training Sessions

Private training sessions are a great way to work on obedience training or issues with unruly behaviors. During your one hour lesson, we will show you how to train the behaviors you would like to see from your dog. Work on things such as: House Manners, Greeting Company, Basic Obedience, Leash Manners and addressing Destructive Behavior.

Multiple dogs in the house that need help? Not an issue. That hour is yours to work on whatever it is you need to address.
Individual Lessons & Packages Available.


Day Training

Want your dog to stop pulling on their leash? Stop jumping on guest? Come back when called? Sit or lie down the first time you ask but just don’t have a schedule that allows for you to make it to weekly group classes or spend hours training your dog. Let us do the work for you. Day Training is a great option to help busy pet owners fix basic obedience issues or gain on and off-leash reliability.

So what Is Day Training?

Day training allows your dog to have the benefits of a board and train program without having to send them away for weeks on end. Your dog gets dropped off in the morning, trains with a certified trainer and then gets to go home at the end of the day! All Day Training programs include private training sessions for the owners to show you how to apply and maintain your dogs new training.

Want your dog to get some playtime in while training? We have programs for that!

Have a day you won’t be able to drop your dog off for training or be able to pick them up after? Not an issue. We offer shuttle service!

All training programs run Monday through Friday. You can drop off any time before 10 am and pick up any time after 4:30 pm

(Please contact us for pricing and availability. We provide free evaluations)

Day Stay: Day Boarding + Training for your dog

Camp & Train: Day Care + Training for your dog

Behavior Modificaton

Dealing with dogs that show fear aggressive or dominate behavior towards people or other animals can be a daunting task. Many times guidance from a professional can drastically help this problem behavior or end it all together. Behavior modification training is for dogs that have started to display aggressive behaviors (teeth showing, growing, nipping) over objects or towards people and other animals.

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