Boarding & Day Care

Here at Yuppy Puppy we have a room option that will meet every need of your pet. We are perfect for the spoiled rotten misters and divas. Whether they prefer a more intimate stay or a more active/social stay, we’ve got an option for you. Our suites provide your pet with a customized, intimate stay complete with everything your pet will need for optimal rest and respite!


Paw – Cottleville only

Ribbon – Winghaven only

Room Features

The Yuppy Puppy offers 24 hour care and shares an adjoining building with The Pet Doctor. We have vet techs always on staff (in the same building) to ensure that every pet has the very best possible care. In every suite there are custom-designed tempered glass suites, and monitored security and sprinkler systems. Our in-suite amenities are lavender-scented blankets, raised cots, soothing nap time music, essential oils in the air, natural lighting. Accommodating our early birds and night owls YP Boarding services feedings/waterings (own food), treats (owner provided), 4 outdoor on leash potty breaks in one of our vast outdoor areas. Sit and stay awhile!


The Luxury Suites | $42/night/pet

(additional pets $39/night/pet)
Our most popular option for an intimate stay. Features separate small and large dog lodging. These customized suites can be transformed inter a larger suite ($25/additional/night to expand).

VIP Plaza Suites | $60/night/single pet

(each additional pet $55/night)
Our largest and most luxurious room. Features tempered glass door, garden view, includes private fenced in area just for Plaza Suite guests for off leash potty walks, and complementary bacon and eggs room service.

Perk Plaza Suites | $69/night/single pet Paw

(each additional pet $64/night)
Perk Plaza Suite includes everything the VIP Plaza suite offers but an extra off leash walks in our Zen Room area and offers a more spacious room.

Serenity Suites | $45/night single pet /

(additional pets in same suite, $43/night)
For guests who enjoy a more relaxed and Zen stay we recommend our quieter, Serenity area suites with 4 privates on leash walks per day. This area is reserved for our elder and younger guests, anxious and required for our medicated guests.

Social Lounge | $59/pet/night | no multiple pet discounts

This option is designed for the playful, fun loving type with good manners and great social skills. Includes unlimited play and kennel for bedtime. Trial daycare required. Pets must have visited Yuppy Puppy Playcamp trial and 3 full days of camp to be a social boarder.

Under 30 lbs. Ribbon

Under 50 lbs. Paw

Fancy Feline Sanctuary Suites | $25/night | 3 cats max/tower

Perfect four our feline friends, includes windows to our courtyard, climbing towers and their own private quarters.

Extra Add-On Options

Board & Train

Boarding your dog? Why not take advantage and get some training in too! Let us know what you would like to work on and we will create a training program for you.

  • 3 weeks of one on one training. Includes 3 private lessons with trainer.
  • 4 Weeks of one on one training. Includes 3 private lessons with trainer.
  • If you would like to add boarding to your pets training, boarding fees will apply.
  • **Training collars will be available for purchase after the completion of your dog’s training.

Me Time | $12

Private 10 minutes in their own courtyard to enjoy the outdoors.
2 Me times for $20

Playcamp or pampered play with Suite | $28



Bone Broth Mixer | $3
Warmed and mixed in with their own food, this enticer is perfect for the finicky eaters or just as an added treat during their stay!

Room Service Option | $5, $15 for all options/day
Bacon and Eggs, Goat Milk with cookies, Blueberries with Greek Yogurt.

Welcome Package | $22
Includes a toy to use during their stay and to take home, and also a treat assortment.

Turndown Service | $10
Extra blanket, bedtime story with a cookie, and cuddles with a concierge member.

Kennel Kibble | $3/feeding
We feed offer a fish-based diet, it is always recommended you bring your pets own food to avoid upset tummy’s (Owner provided meals are included in room pricing, food must be labeled & prepackaged in baggies or containers for feedings.)

Distilled Water | $3/day

Sunday Brunch | $8
Bacon and egg whites, blueberries and greek yogurt served with bottomless distilled water. Only available on Sundays.

Enrichment Activity | $7
Silicone puzzle mat enriched with frozen peanut butter to keep your pet mentally stimulated and busy!

Charcuterie Board Assortment | $14

Medication | $2 per administration if not in upgraded suite.

All dogs who are currently taking medication are required to stay in an upgraded suite.

Certain types of medications, such as allergy medicine are permitted in a regular Suite. Inquire for more details.

Full Service Grooming Salon

Training Options

playcamp options

Social Playcamp

At this “hot spot”, dogs are able to socialize with others. Play camp is located in one of our spacious indoor/outdoor courtyards. Our trained, assertive, and calm staff will make sure your pet has a fun and safe time. Socialization of your pets reduces bad behaviors such as anxiety, hyperactivity, nervousness, aggression, obesity, and chewing.

To attend social groups all dogs must be altered by 6 months of age, current on vaccinations and a clean fecal exam done within the last 6 months. They also must pass our Trial Day (temperament testing) while exhibiting compliant, social behavior with other dogs and humans. To participate all dogs must have a flat collar, no harnesses, prong or chain collars would be permitted. If your dog has graduated from the Yuppy Puppy Academy, it is strongly recommended for them to have their training collar everyday so our trained staff is able to encourage good behaviors. If you have any questions, please give us a call!


Pampered Play

Your pooch will enjoy a great structured, private play option featuring multiple sessions throughout the day, focusing on mental stimulation, customized play, enrichment activities and games.

Whether it’s tossing a ball or sniffing out treats, enrichment games are mentally stimulating exercises, puzzles and activities that help to build confidence, promote agility and coordination and encourages the use of your pets’ senses. This option is great for all pets as it promotes emotional stability and wellbeing!

All first time play campers must attend a play camp trial day before attending a full day of camp or booking a stay with a play camp option. During this trial, your pet will be assessed by one of our professional trainers.

Trial day | $28 (3 hours)

Trials must be booked in advance and are not allowed over Holidays or during boarding stays. Trials are completed Monday-Saturday by one of our trainers and we ask that your pet be altered if they are over 6 months of age. Please drop off your pet no later than 10 a.m. on day of trail, with current vaccinations for your pet along with our completed pet assessment/contract form and allow us approximately 3 hours to complete the trial. You will receive a report upon checkout!

**If your pet has not visited us for camp within the prior 6 months, another trial day is required.

Full day | $32

Starts at drop off and ends at 4:00pm (must pick up before we close).

Playcamp with Groom | $25

Includes at least 3 hours of play before groom.

Playcamp Packages

5 day bundle | $155

15 day bundle | $450

30 day bundle | $860

Reservations required: You must have a credit card on file in order to schedule a reservation.

A missed reservation will result in loss of a package day or $25/day fee.

Helpful forms and contracts can be found on the FAQs page.

*Can be used for pets in the same family

**Dogs who participate in our group camp play may occasionally have scratches, red marks etc, as canines do play with their mouths and paws/claws.

Splash days run every Friday from Memorial Day through Labor Day. If you would not like your pet to participate, do not schedule play camp on these days.

***All package days are good for 3 months from purchase date and are not eligible to use during a boarding stay. If your pet has not visited us for camp within the prior 6 months, another trial day is required.

***Playcamp is rain, snow or shine. If you would not like to potentially pick up a wet, smelly dog who’s had a great time, please schedule a departure bath at drop off, or schedule pampered play for your pet!! Please see FAQs for full camp inclement weather policy.