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Yuppy Puppy Pet Spa

3022 WingHaven Blvd
O'Fallon MO 63368


Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 6:30pm
Saturday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Splash N Dash

299 Salt Lick Rd.
Saint Peters 63376


Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 6:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Sunday: Closed

  • The Yuppy Puppy

    The Yuppy Puppy
    Pet Spa

    Salon & Spa

    The Self Wash Is only At The St. Peters Location

    299 Salt Lick Rd. • Saint Peters 63376 • 636.387.1709

    The Spa & Resort for spoiled rotten pooches and kitties too!

    At Yuppy Puppy Pet Spa, we offer a wide range of services. Not only do we offer traditional Service like Grooming, Boarding, and in-home pet sitting; we also offer fun services like Play Camp and howliday parties!

    With more than 12 years in business the Yuppy Puppy Pet Spa is a name you can trust.

    Our facility is staffed 24 hours a day, has a state-of-the-art AC System with two separate air exchange systems to help reduce airborne illness, custom designed tempered glass suites, VIP suites with flat screen TV's, a monitored security and sprinkler system, and an indoor and outdoor staffed social lounge.


    All full grooms include:

    • A Warm Massage Jet Wash
    • Shed-less Treatment (FURminator)
    • Fluff Dry
    • Nails Trimmed
    • Paw Pads Shaved
    • Ear Cleaning
    • Mink Oil Coat Shine
    • Fragrance
    • Bow or Bandanna
    • Haircut of Choice

    ask a stylist for a breed specific quote

    Treat your dog to a day at the Spaw!

    The Yuppy Puppy Pet Spa's state-of-the-art grooming salon is staffed with talented and professionally trained stylists and bathers. Our staff boasts experience with all pet breeds specializing in standard and show cuts.

    Let one of our stylists create the perfect look for your pet! We offer full haircuts, bath and neaten, and maintenance brushing.

    Bath & Grooms are priced according to breed, size, coat, condition, and temperament.

    Spaw Packages:

    Our Spaw Packages are in addition to your pet's bath a groom.

    • Classic Spaw Package - two step teethbrushing, anal glands expressed, and nail filing.
    • Ultimate Spaw Package - the classic spa plus special shampoo and conditioner of your choice, and the blueberry vanilla facial
    * If you think your pet could possibly have fleas, please notify your stylist at check in. All pets that have fleas and/or ticks will automatically be treated and the owner will be notified. To stop the cycle of fleas, before you pick up your pet after being treated: flea bomb house, vacuum, and wash all pets bedding. Flea treatments are an additional $15.50 to the bath price

    À la carte

    • Blueberry and Vanilla Facial $5.00 Naturally exfoliates and hydrates leaving your pets face with a brighter, fresh smelling complexion.
    • Facial Mud Mask $5.00 detoxifies essential oils, soothes itchy and inflames skin, increases absorption of moisture and minerals
      • Special shampoo and conditioner treatments $10.00
      • Colloidal oatmeal shampoo and conditioner natural oat grain relieves the deep itch while cleaning and drying. Restores moisture and oils
      • Natural oat grain relieves the deep itch, while cleaning and drying. Restores moisture and oils.
      • Tea Tree Shampoo & conditioner tea tree helps protects the natural balance of hair and skin. tea trea cleanses, removes oil, dirt, dandruff and retains moisture and has a minty scent.
      • Keratin Shampoo & conditioner Keratin restores natural protiens and oil back into the skin and coat. Keratin thickens and smooths even the most unruly of coats. Great for heavily brushed coat types
    • Walk-In Nail Trim - $12
    • Walk-In Cut & File - $15
    • Service with grooming
    • Nail file $7.00
      ( for the shortest nail trim and gets rid of sharp edges)
    • Nail painting $9.50
      (choice of color and short hair dogs only)
    • Anal Glands Expressed - $4
    • Hair Tinting $30
      and up (prized based on size)
    • Aromatherapy paw pad treatment $8.50 by combining an essential oil scrub mixed with shea butter this balm is applied in the tub during the bathing process to melt off rough paw pads.
    • Teeth brushing $8.50 A two step process for brushing teeth using a mint flavored toothpaste. The peroxide gently removes tarter build up, then an application of a mint flavored salivary action that spreads through the mouth to break up plaque for a healthier teeth and gums.

    Play Camp

    A Trip to the Dog Park

    A fun-filled play day at Broemmelsiek Dog Park – This service is two hours accompanied by a staff member. (this service is seasonal)

    All pets must be current on all vaccinations, including Bordetella. We ask that you bring your pet’s food in beled container for their stay. In order for your dog to qualify for A Trip to the Dog Park, they must have a temperament test as well as having completed the play camp trial, and two full days of play camp. Your dog will be accompanied to Broemmelsiek Park

    • Dog Park Pricing:
    • Per Trip - $35
    • Play Camp Pricing:
    • 5 day package for $95.00
    • 30 day package for $315.00
    Valid for 30 days after purchase

    Indoor/Outdoor Doggie Play Camp

    At this “hot spot”, dogs are able to socialize with others. The Play Camp is located in our large beautiful indoor park courtyard. Our trained, assertive, and calm staff will make sure your pet has a fun and safe time. We have three separate play camps to specifically fit your pet’s personality. Pets socialization reduces bad behaviors such as, anxiety, hyperactivity, nervousness, aggression, obesity and chewing. All first time play campers must attend a play camp trial before attending a full day of camp.

    Doggie Play Camp is a cage-free activity designed for social dogs to play and have fun. Play Camp provides an outlet for excess energy, exercise and socialization. Trained staff monitors safe play and each dog must complete a Play Camp evaluation before being accepted into camp.

    Yuppy Puppy offers both large & small Doggie Play Camp groups that are rotated throughout the day. Safety is our primary goal, therefore, Play Camp is not for every dog. Doggie Play Camp is limited in size and clients are encouraged to make reservations in advance. Priority goes to clients with standing reservations and Play Camp packages.

    Play-Campers are given water breaks alone to prevent illness. In addition, puppies over 6 months must be spayed or neutered.

    Pet Sitting

    • In-Home Pet Relief Walk Prices
    • Relief Walks (1-2 Pets) - $19
    • Additional Pet - $7
    • Holidays - Additional $10/day
    • Pet Sitting Prices
    • Pet Sitting (1-2 Pets) - $45/day (Includes two 30 Minute Sessions
    • Additional let-outs: - $25
    • Additional Pets - $7
    • Holidays - Additional $10/day
    • Caged Animal - $5/day
    • Pickup & Delivery Prices
    • A Warm Massage Jet Wash
    • Shed-less Treatment (FURminator)
    • Fluff Dry

    In-Home Pet Sitting & Relief Walks

    Let Yuppy Puppy come to you! If you prefer to have your pet stay in its own environment while you are away our in-home pet sitting is a great option.

    We also offer in-home pet relief walks. In-home pet relief walks are a great option for pets who need to use the restroom and/or take a walk while you're busy at work.

    Things to Know

    • We service the entire St. Charles County area.
    • Set up a consultation to discuss pets needs and schedule.
    • Pet Sitting has to be booked at least two weeks in advance for all new clients.

    Pet Hotel

    Luxury Suites

    The Luxury Suites provide your pet with an intimate stay. Perfect for the spoiled rotten misters and divas who prefer to stay discreet and private. The Luxury Suite comes complete with a bed, a blanket, a favorite toy from home, personalized care, mini bar, and bedtime lullabies for optimal rest and respite.

    Day Stay

    A Day Stay is designed for dogs or cats requiring on-site care during lobby hours. Unlike Playcamp, Day Stay guests do not interact with other pets during the day – making it a great alternative for dogs who are shy or may not get along with others but require supervision for the day.Pets will be taken out with a staff member. Day Stays are are the same price as a full day of Playcamp.

    The Lounge

    The Lounge is designed for the playful, fun-loving type. If your dog has that “want to be seen” attitude with good manners and social skills, this is the place for him/her to be. Dogs can enjoy scheduled daily activities, nightly movies with popcorn, and of course, all the playtime they can handle.

    Pick up and delivery is $15.00 or $29.00 for round trip. Available to most of St. Charles County
    • Room Rates
    • Lounge Boarding - $35/night
    • Day Stay - $22/day (each)
    • Medication - $2/dose
    • Cat Boarding - $18/each
    *Our boarding check out is at 11:00 or get a bath or grooming service and no charge for the last day only pay for spa day.
    • Luxury Suites
    • 1 Guest - $29/night
    • 2 Guest - $24/night (each)


    We are ALL about style and the latest trends. But even more so, we care about your dog's safety and comfort. We love to see our little canine companions warm, snug and protected. Browse our selection of retail for ultimate wow factor in look as well as in safety. Entice his/her tastebuds with something delicious and healthy from our natural treat section. We offer so much more than just the everyday must-haves. Yuppy Puppy Boutique Pledges 5% of all proceeds to Animal Rescue. Each time you make a purchase with us, you are directly helping rescue groups in the State of Missouri who desperately need funding to save animals in need.

    Did you Adopt a Pet?

    Yuppy Puppy is proud and active supporter of Pet Rescue groups. All adopted dogs get a free bath on us! It is a way for us to say thank you for giving a pet a forever home.

    Just bring in your adoption paperwork within 30 days of adoption and we will provide a $25.00 wash and wag free of charge.

    Splash N Dash

    Call us: 636-387-1709

    • Spash N Dash
    • Self wash $15.00
    • Add a nail trim $12.00
    • Trim and smooth $15.00
    • Tooth brush and tooth paste $2.50
    • Hours
    • Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 6:30 pm
    • Saturday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
    • Sunday Closed
    We provide everything to clean and dry your pet

    We have waist-high dog wash tubs at different heights along with a professional groomer shampoo system that make washing a breeze.

    We have hand held sprayers that allow you to control the water flow and are temperature controlled so your pet is always comfortable.

    Service Dogs (guides, hearing, mobility, etc.)– $2.00 off with ID. Puppies-in-training to be service dogs are also welcome.

    Police Service Dogs– FREE Everyday!

    Adopt a Dog — Adopt a shelter dog? Bring in your adoption paperworkwithin the thirty days and your new dog’s first bath is FREE. This is our way of saying THANKS for saving a life.

    Last self wash is 30 minutes before close.

    Host a pooch themed birthday party or celebrate a new puppy with six or more of your friends for a private party.

    Have a charity event or fundraiser? Have it at Yuppy Puppy Splash N Dash and your Charity will get a portion of the procedes brought in by your event.